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Sales Point of Animal Foods with Consumer Products Butcher & Delicatessen Design

Nutrition is one of the most basic needs of people. While the consumption of various foods is important for the body, animal foods are more prominent than other foods. These animal foods are supplied from certain places. For example, there are areas that we call delicatessens for foods produced based on milk. For the consumption of meat, there are also butchers who make healthy slaughter and presentations. In the presentation of all these foods, the design is also important for butchers and delicatessens, which is important as not to break the cold chain.

Considerations for Butcher & Delicatessen Design

Butcher's stalls, which are the presentation medium of meats, and deli stalls, which are the presentation medium of dairy products, are very important. The structure of the workbenches must correspond to the cutting and presentation of these products. In addition, cabinet systems should have features that will allow food to reach the consumer without interrupting the cold chain. In this way, each of the nutrients delivered to the consumer is presented sterile and without disturbing the cold chain. On the other hand, the lighting of the aisles and the décor is especially important in terms of the presentation of the products.

Service Should Be Obtained from a Knower

As in all matters, butcher & delicatessen design is also a job that needs to be sensitized. For this reason, you should get the design and application service from a company that "knows" the detail of the work. Therefore, it is the most natural right of everyone to choose the institution preferred for design carefully.

You can follow our YouTube channel to look at examples from our market design and butcher delicatessen department work.


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