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Hygienic Pulses and Spices

Where pulses and spice products are sold, it is very important how they are stored and how they are presented to customers. There are conditions for selling open products in a market where customers are constantly travelling. In such places, exposed pulses and spice products are unhealthy. Therefore, the departments that will ensure the healthiest protection of such foodstuffs should be preferred. In doing so, the aisle should be visually interesting. And transparent-looking sections should be included to allow customers to easily examine the products.

How should the arrangement of the aisles be done?

The departments where pulses and spices will be sold must necessarily consist of separate sections. With the combination of these sections, a whole department emerges. Thanks to the metal frames, it provides convenience both in keeping the products in the chamber and during the cleaning of these sections. Thanks to the glass doors, the products will be easily seen from the outside. At the same time, with its aesthetic appearance, it makes it possible for customers to examine the products easily.

Affordable Longevity Aisles

These sections can be used for many years in markets and stores where pulses and spice products will be sold. The fact that such quality departments are easy to clean is also effective in their longevity. We use quality materials in pulses and spices departments. We design and manufacture the shelves according to your request at affordable prices. In particular, we can change the design of the aisle as you wish. Thus, unlike ready-made applications, you can see the shelves we design during the design phase. We also produce after your approval.

You can follow our YouTube channel to look at examples from our market design and pulses spice department work.


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